2.1.15 (6/1/2017)
  • Plugin updates are now delivered through (You will need to update your license key.)
  • Event Calendar\'s mobile layout is now only triggered on mobile devices.
  • Shortened the Event Calendar\'s day names to single characters on mobile devices.
2.1.14 (4/19/2017)
  • Updated the plugin updater library.
2.1.13 (4/13/2017)
  • LeafletJS library has been updated and is now included instead of linked externally.
2.1.12 (4/6/2017)
  • Fixed a content filtering issue that we introduced in the previous release.
2.1.11 (4/6/2017)
  • Updated the .pot file for translations.
  • Added some checks for when page builders are used.
2.1.10 (3/15/2017)
  • Replaced the easy_email.php link in the Group Information widget with a real email link.
  • In the Group Information widget, made the Registration Forms title not display if there are no forms.
2.1.9 (2/21/2017)
  • Replaced the easy_email.php link in the Individual Events with a real email link.
2.1.8 (2/20/2017)
  • Replaced the easy_email.php links in the Group Search results with a real email link.
  • Small improvement to the Group Search results query.
  • Updated the plugin updater library.
2.1.7 (12/13/2016)
  • Updated the leaflet.js library used to display maps on event pages.
  • Changed menu permissions from \"administrator\" to \"manage_options\".
  • Added support for WordPress 4.7 Customizer feature of creating pages on-the-fly.
2.1.6 (9/17/2016)
  • Now verifies event calendar data before attempting to display it.
  • Added check to remove line breaks from event locations.
  • Fixed a bug in the Event Calendar Shortcode that caused it to perform a campus check when no specific campus was selected.
  • Fixed a bug in the Event Calendar Shortcode that prevented year and month from being set.
2.1.5 (7/12/2016)
  • Fixed an issue with switching months in the Event Calendar Shortcode.
  • Fixed an issue with switching Campuses in the Event Calendar Shortcode.
2.1.4 (7/7/2016)
  • Changed the way that calendar and event parameters are handled.
2.1.3 (6/30/2016)
  • Fixed a rare issue with Individual Events that contain no location data.
2.1.2 (5/4/2016)
  • Fixed the before and after actions for Group Search.
  • Disable scroll zoom and touch zoom in Individual Event maps.
  • Added group image to Group Search results.
  • Corrected some discrepancies between the Upcoming Events widget and shortcode.
2.1.1 (4/4/2016)
  • Added support for Event images.
2.1.0 (2/18/2016)
  • New: CCB Login Form widget.
  • New: Online Giving link widget.
  • Simplified the layout for Individual Event pages.
  • Simplified the layout for the Group Information widget.
  • Support for themes using add_theme_support(\'title-tag\');
  • Minified the CSS file
  • Removed unused functions.
  • Moved map JavaScript on Individual Event pages to the page footer.
  • Added the new include_image_link parameter to the appropriate group profile services.
  • Updated the group_profile service to contain the new campus_id parameter.
  • Preparation for upcoming changes.
2.0.9 (11/6/2015)
  • Fix: Text version of Upcoming Events now displays the date.
  • Fix: CSS styles to override some padding defaults in some browsers.
2.0.8 (10-19-2015)
  • Fix: Event Calendar campus id numbers were incorrect.
  • Fix: Individual Events always displayed above the page content.
2.0.7 (10-16-2015)
  • Fix: An issue with map labels that contained apostrophes.
2.0.6 (10-14-2015)
  • Fix: An issue with new lines in the map popup label.
  • Fix: Better handling of wp_title() on Individual Events - especially when outside of the loop.
2.0.5 (9-30-2015)
  • Updated: Changed some of the CSS styles to play nice with a wider variety of themes.
2.0.4 (9-29-2015)
  • Fix: Compatibility issues with certain versions of PHP.
  • Fix: Issues with checking API Status and API Services in the WordPress Admin.
2.0.3 (9-24-2015)
  • New: Request help right from your WordPress Dashboard. Look for the [Request Help] button.
  • Fix: The Customizer link on the Getting Started page did not work for some people.
  • Fix: Removed namespaces for versions of PHP that do not support it.
2.0.2 (9-22-2015)
  • Fix: Missing function to delete transients when data is not as expected.
  • Fix: Incorrect width for campus dropdown on calendar.
  • Fix: Plays nice with other plugins/themes that use the select2 library.
2.0.1 (9-16-2015)
  • Fix: Group Search Form not displaying when using the shortcode.
  • Fix: Group Search and Individual Events not displaying under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields Pro.
  • Fix: The Admin bar menu is now only visible to admin users.
2.0.0 (9-15-2015)
  • New: Admin bar menu.
  • New: Purge all cache from the Admin bar.
  • New: Purge an event\'s cache from the Admin bar.
  • New: Edit event in CCB from the Admin bar.
  • New: Hooks for injecting code. Useful for those who use page builders with CCBPress.
  • New: Event Calendar - Campus filter.
  • New: Event Calendar - Default campus settings.
  • New: Event Calendar - Ability to hide the campus filter.
  • New: Upcoming Events Widget/Shortcode - Filter by group, group type, or department.
  • New: Upcoming Events Widget/Shortcode - Display events from multiple groups, group types, or departments.
  • New: Upcoming Events Shortcode - Exclude specific events by ID.
  • New: Settings - Getting Started tab.
  • New: Settings - Delete Cache button.
  • New: Settings - Check API Status button.
  • New: Display - Template files are now available for most output.
  • Updated: Minor changes for compatibility with WordPress 4.3.
  • Updated: Most of the template files have been updated.
  • Updated: Upcoming Events Widget/Shortcode - Date Range is now in \"weeks\".
  • Updated: Upcoming Events Widget - Increased maximum event display from 10 to 100 events.
  • Updated: Settings - Options that affect the front-end display are now in the Customizer.
  • Updated: Display - All output has been overhauled with a new look.
  • Updated: Settings - Cache Lifespan settings have been removed in favor of recommended settings.
  • Updated: Settings - Color options now have one setting in the Customizer.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue when the NexGEN Gallery plugin is active.
1.3.8 (4-22-2015)
  • Fixed: Fatal error when checking API Services from the Help tab.
1.3.7 (4-15-2015)
  • More detailed error messages when attempting to connect to Church Community Builder.
1.3.6 (1-28-2015)
  • Fixed: Invalid cache data is now automatically discarded.
  • Fixed: Some path errors that only showed up on IIS servers.
  • Updated: Email address for support.
1.3.5 (1-15-2015)
  • Fixed: Orphaned cron jobs causing memory leaks and slowness.
  • Fixed: Group Information Widget - Registration forms section is hidden when no forms are present.
  • Updated: Software licensing updater class.
1.3.4 (12-19-2014)
  • Fixed: Group and Event forms now obey their active/inactive status from Church Community Builder.
  • Fixed: Group images should now be cached correctly.
  • Fixed: Group and Event descriptions now honor line breaks.
  • Fixed: The Calendar will now display when there are no events in the current month.
1.3.3 (10-30-2014)
  • Fixed: Invalid Username or Password returned Invalid API URL by mistake.
1.3.2 (10-8-2014)
  • Fixed a bug with the [ccbpress_event_calendar] shortcode.
1.3.1 (10-2-2014)
  • Better memory management.
1.3.0 (8-19-2014)
  • Implemented a new caching method to speed up page loads.
  • Added a meta tag to identify which version of CCBPress is installed.
1.2.7 (8-8-2014)
  • Fixed: Group Search Shortcode would not display results under some conditions.
  • Adjusted the Group Search Widget CSS for greater theme compatibility.
1.2.6 (8-5-2014)
  • Fixed: Errors that happened when WordPress SEO by Yoast was also installed.
1.2.5 (7-29-2014)
  • Fixed: Group Search - The group count when the current members were greater than the group capacity.
  • Fixed: Upcoming Events Shortcode was being output incorrectly.
1.2.4 (7-22-2014)
  • Added: Daily WP-Cron job to remove expired cache data from the database.
  • Changed: Minimum cache lifespan is now 1 minute instead of 0 minutes.
  • Fixed: Empty license key settings displayed errors on some multisite installs.
1.2.3 (7-11-2014)
  • PLEASE NOTE BEFORE UPDATING! New API being used group_grouping_list. Make sure that your CCB API user has rights to this service.
1.2.2 (7-10-2014)
  • Fixed some errors that would output if an API Service was unavailable.
  • Added a tool under the Help tab for checking if the API User has permissions to use the required API Services.
1.2.1 (7-9-2014)
  • Fixed: Some shortcode parameters were not working.
1.2.0 (7-9-2014)
  • New APIs being used: custom_field_labels, udf_grp_pulldown_1_list, udf_grp_pulldown_2_list and udf_grp_pulldown_3_list. Make sure that your CCB API user has rights to these services.
  • New: Group Search shortcode.
  • New: Event Calendar shortcode.
  • New: Upcoming Events shortcode.
  • Added UDF pulldowns to Group Search for even more control over group searching.
  • Consolidated CSS files into one file to reduce HTTP requests.
1.1.6 (6-24-2014)
  • Fixed: Group Search widget sometimes returned no results.
1.1.5 (6-24-2014)
  • Fixed: Missing individual_id in contact URL of Group Search results.
  • Fixed: Group Search should now be friendly with any permalink structure.
1.1.4 (6-19-2014)
  • Removed rewrite rules for Individual Events and Event Calendar.
  • Prev/Next links on the Event Calendar are now friendly with any permalink structure.
  • Further optimized license checking.
1.1.3 (6-18-2014)
  • Increased the timeout for some operations.
  • Optimized the plugin updater.
  • Optimized license checking.
  • Changed the default cache lifespan for information that rarely changes to \'1 Day\'.
1.1.2 (6-12-2014)
  • Fixed: Group images are now cached locally to prevent broken images.
1.1.1 (6-9-2014)
  • Added error checks to prevent PHP errors when data is not as expected.
  • Updated some of the text on the Welcome page.
  • Kindrid Addon: Removed the need to COAs to have online giving enabled.
1.1.0 (6-6-2014)
  • New: Group Search
  • New: Group Search widget
  • New: Contextual help on the option pages.
  • Added font icons to the individual event pages.
  • Changed the wording for the error when the CCB connection settings are missing.
  • Warning messages will only show up on CCBPress option pages.
  • Renamed some of the widget descriptions.
  • Fixed: Defined some objects that were displaying warnings on PHP 5.4+.
  • Fixed: Event Calendar could display on the incorrect page upon a new install and before the event options had been saved.
  • Fixed: Individual Events could display on the incorrect page upon a new install and before the event options had been saved.
1.0.5 (5-23-2014)
  • Fixed a display issue with the event calendar on mobile devices.
1.0.4 (5-23-2014)
  • Added a graphical theme option to the Upcoming Events widget.
  • Registration forms will now display on Individual Events that have them.
  • Fixed event calendar height for empty days/weeks.
  • Fixed all day events on the Event Calendar.
1.0.3 (5-20-2014)
  • Fixed registration forms not showing on the Group Info widget.
  • Rearranged Group Info widget fields to match their output order on the front-end.
  • Fixed CSS styles for group images in the Group Info widget.
  • Added cache lifespan options for COA Categories.
  • All day events now specify that they are all day.
1.0.2 (5-14-2014)
  • New API being used: group_profiles_from_id. Make sure that your CCB API user has rights to that service.
  • Changed the API that the Group Information widget was using. The old API was causing timeout errors.
1.0.1 (5-14-2014)
  • Added thank you text to the admin footer.
  • Added a prefix to transient names to help with identification.
  • Fixed an error when certain options were empty.
  • Added the ability to display the event calendar either above or below the page content.
  • Added the ability to display individual events either above or below the page content.
  • Fixed an error on individual events when no event id is present.
  • Added \"Powered by CCBPress\" as an option in the event calendar.
  • Adjusted the position of the previous/next buttons on the event calendar.
1.0.0 (5-12-2014)
  • Public release.
  • Bug fix: Assets are now correctly loaded no matter what the CCBPress folder is named.
  • Removed the need for event shortcodes. As long as the event pages are set in the backend, it will display the correct event information.
  • Small changes to the Welcome page.
  • Prepared the backend functions for upcoming features.
  • Bug fix: Selecting a group in the Upcoming Events widget.
  • Rewrote the group functions to use a faster api service.
  • Bug fix: Check for empty objects when populating departments
  • Restyled the Documentation button.
  • Added a link under the Help tab to look up your license key.
  • Added more default styles to the [ccbpress_events] shortcode.
  • Bug fix: Links to single events now take into account your site\\\\\\\'s permalink structure.
  • Bug fix: Removed references to DateTime class for backwards compatibility
  • Bug fix: Problem with error checking the Connection Results
  • Bug fix: Corrected file encoding
  • Bug fix: Fatal error that occurred on some systems
  • Bug fix: Fatal error that occurred on some systems
  • Added new content to the Welcome tab
  • Changed some text on the Help tab
  • Added GPL license
  • Added POT file for translations
  • Small visual enhancements
  • Made Welcome page more mobile friendly
  • Removed unused images
  • Cleaned up the dashboard
  • Added a Welcome page
  • Added a \"Help\" page
  • Added ability to turn off caching (for debugging)
  • Integrated software licensing
  • Beta release